Hand wash, chamois, wheels detailed, tires dressed, light road tar removed, carpets/seats vacuumed, trash removed. Then  we apply our carnauba wax system designed to remove light to medium oxidation, leaving a shield of protection from further weather damage. Service also includes, carpet and seat stain removal and/or shampoo; vinyl, dash area (including vents)  and or leather is then cleaned and conditioned.  (We strive for that rich subtle look)  Back

Carpets, mats and cloth seats are usually where odors and stains accumulate. We believe that good old fashion elbow grease is the best way to go. The soaps and products that we use are reliable and environmentally safe. This service includes, carpet and seat stain removal and/or shampoo along with vinyl clean and reconditioning. Dash including vents, cup holders and designated compartments are cleaned and reconditioned to patron requirements. Note: compartments containing personal belongings are not done unless requested by patron.  Back

It is important to understand the varying kinds of leather products used in cars today to achieve quality leather care. We have taken the necessary steps to assure that our knowledge and products meet current requirements of most manufactures, however new leather products are appearing every year. We welcome any input that you may have in helping you to keep your leather in the condition that it was in when you bought your car. We use only tested and reliable soaps (no harsh chemicals) along with soft camel’s hair brushes to clean leather. Emollient leather lotions are then rubbed in to allow leather to contract and expand properly. Back

Years ago car paints contained led and were almost indestructible but times have changed and it seems that almost everything effects our paint jobs. Factor into this equation the advent of so called “no touch car washes” and you have a recipe for trouble. First of all “no touch car wash” is an oxymoron; secondly it is impossible to get a car clean with just sprayers, without using hash chemicals that strip off waxes. Our preference is the Maguire line of products for cleaning and removing road debris and grime but we will also follow any manufacturer suggested products. Our car wash soaps ore tested, reliable and environmentally safe. After removing debris and grime we use carnauba waxes for brilliance and protection from UV rays. Back

Bird dung, rock chips, swirls and scratches present the most difficult challenges to keeping your car looking like the day that you bought it. These challenges can only be met by professional polishing, buffing and reconditioning methods. These methods are tedious and time consuming not to mention costly but the result is a shine that you can be proud of. This service is provided on an appointment only basis and may require a significant amount of time to accomplish.  Back

Graffiti and paint over-spray are of a special concern in the Dallas area. We use tested and environmentally safe products in correcting  these problems. This service is provided by appointment only and can be time consuming. Back

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