Hand wash, chamois, wheels detailed, tires dressed, light road tar removed, carpets/seats vacuumed, trash removed, dash/console area dusted, door jams wiped, windows cleaned.


Detail Prices

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All of the above points are performed along with our carnauba wax system designed to remove light to medium oxidation, leaving a shield of protection from weather damage.



PayPal: Buy 12 Point Detail (Cars) $65.00 10 Point Detail 12 Point Detail

Service includes, carpet and seat stain removal and/or shampoo, vinyl or leather cleaned and conditioned.  (For that rich subtle look) Dash area including vents cleaned and conditioned.

(includes exterior wash)



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All points listed above are combined for that "show room" look




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Each location has its own set of difficulties so we reserve the right to adjust our prices based on site circumstances.

We have listed this menu of our services in brief for your convenience. Please note that there is a difference in price for cars and larger vehicles. Should you choose to use our popular Paypal option click on the button for your vehicle size,on next page enter amount (plus gratuity if you wish) in payment window.

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$125.00 (SUV)

$110.00 (Cars)


$65.00 (SUV)

$58.00 (Cars)


$75.00 (SUV)

$65.00 (Cars)


$25.00 (SUV)

$20.00 (Cars)